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Cycle-It-Forward exists to weave strength back into the tapestry of our collective sisterhood, by helping Female-Bodied education & events become more accessible and common knowledge. As this was once our given birthright. There is a wealth of information that was not available to our foremothers, so let’s invest in our daughters. Period. Let’s ripple-out and pass-on the inheritance once again.

Grandmother to Mother, Mother to Daughter, Woman to Woman

∞  We Make Ripples to Make Waves  ∞

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∞ How Cycle-It-Forward Works ∞
There are monetary and non-monetary ways to contribute.

♥ Monetary Gifting ♥

7 for 7 Donate

Ripple Donate

Know where your money goes ∞ Cycle-It-Forward  fund contributes to:

  Expenses for Red Tents (free event) I host
  Free classes/resources created to support healing menstrual related ailments & issues.
 Expenses for a First Moon Celebration (a girl’s coming into blood initiation).
  Female Cycle Awareness mentorships for young women & girls.
  A scholarship admittance into my Female Cycle Awareness Immersion.
 Female Cycle Consults one-on-one healing support & personalized Cycle education.

Ripple Donate Monthly

♥ Non-Monetary Gifting ♥ 

 Share Female Cycle Map digitally with 10+ Female’s you want to celebrate.
 Share Female Cycle Map with allies.
 Share Seasons of the Cycle: A Guide to Female Cycle Awareness and Body Ecology
 Mentor a girl/young woman through her own Cycle Awareness.
 Host a Red Tent gathering. Download Red Tent How-to. By Happy Womb
  Host a Red Tent for young girls. (In your daughter’s school/after-school program/in a home with other mothers).
 Host a First Moon Party for your daughter/girls to celebrate coming into her blood.
  Host a First Moon Party for women who never celebrated coming into their blood.
 Host a Coming into Crone gathering to celebrate Menopause initiation.
 Host a monthly Full Moon or New Moon Gathering.
Organize a Moon-share— A schedule & commitment made among a group of women  to help care for each other through Menstruation.
 Offer up your services/gifts/skills/talents to someone/group in your community.
 Gift a Female Cycle Consult to a friend.
  Become a Wild Wanderess collaborator with my Female Cycle Education.