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Ladies, its time to answer the call of your wild to return home to your own sustaining ecology — your FULL Female Cycle — claim our nature to nurture our home.

“When you’re feeling at home in your body, you feel safe in the world. When you understand your connection to all Life, there is no more unnecessary insecurity within because you belong to everything. It is here, you find you were always home.”
— Claire Dakin, Founder of Tree Sisters

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Remarks from Previous Students …

“I haven’t ever felt more connected and accepting of my emotional currents, my body, and my natural rhythms. I feel a depth of trust even with my menstruation being so painful, knowing that the pain is bringing me home to my womb-in-hood.”

“Ally’s knowledge and wisdom on the topics run deep. Her style is really engaging with lots of beautiful visuals, activities and group time for everyone to participate. I looked forward to class each week and will definitely be recommending this class to friends.”

“Ally was so engaging, but also let the group really speak as well. I Loved that she let her intuition guide moment to moment, even if it meant the class took a slightly different direction than she anticipated at times. I’m so very inspired by how she showed up for us.”

“I became more in tune with what my body is trying to tell me and also how to find any imbalances in the way my cycle shows up or emotions show up. I came to trust my self and body more.”

“Ally’s ability to connect us in and out of class was inspiring, I am grateful for the unexpected sisterhood I now have with women all over the country.”

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I offer facilitated therapeutic services for individuals, couples, groups and relationships of all kinds. For full info, you can go to my professional website: Commūnicātus — Cultivating The Art of Connection

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